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Health Plan Design
In a highly competitive marketplace, health plans have turned to BRG for our experience using innovative research methods to help design plans that meet the needs of employers and employees with group plans as well as for the growing population of consumers with individual coverage.

Obtaining usable input on plan design and willingness to purchase is a science.

The decision consumers make is multi-faceted and involves trade-offs. Our technique for product design is a neural network method that reveals the complex series of decisions that consumers and employers make.

BRG conducts quantitative and qualitative product design studies for local and national carriers. Most importantly, using the research findings, our clients have developed products that are very successful in the marketplace.

Image and Brand Awareness
Health plans, hospitals and other providers need a firm understanding about how current and potential patients view their services and facilities, as well as the competitive landscape.

We help health plans and hospitals interpret the market perceptions of patients, prospective patients, employers, brokers, agents, consultants and providers.

Advertising effectiveness and message retention are especially important in healthcare.

BRG’s extensive work in branding, logo design, advertising recall and tagline development assists health care clients develop marketing messages that evoke positive emotions with consumers and other key segments.


Closings, mergers, competition and dissatisfaction cause erosion in the marketplace as members and employers move to other carriers or providers.

BRG conducts consumer and community research to determine the possible issues that the organization faces when a health plan or hospital group merges with another, adds a new partner or closes a facility.

Even when one customer leaves, be it a single health plan member or an entire company, the drivers of dissatisfaction must be determined.

We help hospital groups and health plans when they experience customer attrition to ascertain root causes and identify potential solutions.

Site Selection/Community Needs

Health care systems are growing and moving to be more accessible to their market.

BRG directs health systems as they determine the optimal location and services needed to fulfill the needs of the communities they want to serve.

Whether it is an expansion of services offered at an existing facility or a new facility designed to reach into an untapped market, BRG obtains insights on community perceptions and consults with leaders on strategic matters in site selection and service offerings.

Government, Education and Association Research Government Building icon

Our staff has the professional backgrounds and experiences in strategic planning and communications to facilitate workgroups for governmental agencies, non-profits and associations that helps these organizations become more proactive and moves them forward.

  • BRG facilitates groups with varied and dissimilar views into a consensus using common beliefs and goals.
  • We work with clients to structure meetings, set objectives, support strategic planning and develop the future direction for consumer groups, customer and professional advisory councils, cities, counties and public schools.

Financial Services Dollar symbol - Financial Services icon

The intense competition in the financial services industry in the local, regional, and national markets has driven the industry to uncover weaknesses and focus on efficient and effective marketing techniques.

  • BRG conducts image and awareness studies, market share analysis, pre - and post-advertising campaign effectiveness and banking loyalty studies for retail, wealth, business and commercial bank customers.
  • Given our staff’s direct, in-depth experience working in this industry, our research insight in the financial services industry is second to none.

Consumer Goods Shopping cart - Consumer Goods icon

Years of research with consumers combined with the educational qualifications of our senior staff allows BRG to provide unsurpassed insight into consumer behavior.

  • BRG conducts consumer focus groups, IDIs and surveys for some of the largest retailers in the U.S. – uncovering consumer perceptions of shopping experiences and store/brand preferences, evaluating advertising messages and understanding the competitive landscape from consumers’ vantage point.
  • Using techniques such as “shop, show, and tell” sessions, attribute laddering, in-store mini-groups, picture/experience associations and other techniques, BRG obtains a clear picture of what is in the mind of consumers when considering a product.
  • We conduct quantitative comparison studies of consumer goods and project the market for new products and new markets for old products.

Insurance Paperwork - Insurance icon

Similar to our work in health care, BRG conducts consumer satisfaction research with national home, auto and life insurance agencies seeking to understand customer service metrics and interest in new products and services.

  • BRG interviews insurance agents and consumers to develop frameworks that describe the key drivers of consumers’ decisions to purchase insurance, thus helping to support current agents and train new ones.
  • BRG also conducts both qualitative and quantitative research on member satisfaction, product design and other insurance issues with consumers and agents.

Website Review Laptop - Website Review icon

There’s no doubt that an organization’s website can serve as a crucial link between the company and customers – both current and potential. It is therefore crucial to design websites with the users’ perspective top of mind.

  • BRG conducts website reviews, helping companies develop and design sites that are user-friendly yet content rich and visually appealing.
  • Using findings from one-on-one interviews and/or mini-group sessions, BRG helps clients design effective websites that consumers find easy to navigate. For example, wireframe websites allow us to monitor the pathways consumers take as they search for information or functions.
  • BRG also helps clients understand their customers’ needs for Internet information and security products.


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