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Qualitative Research

BRG’s professionals have conducted thousands of focus groups and in-depth interviews.


Images depicting people doing qualitative researchBRG has expertise in all phases of qualitative research Images depicting people doing qualitative research.

  • Framing the research objectives
  • Identifying respondent qualifications and recruitment screeners
  • Recruiting qualified respondents
  • Creating the process guide
  • Moderating/interviewing
  • Preparing a report and presentation that focus on fact-based recommendations and actions

    • Focus Groups – To gain insight into viewpoints using group dynamics and synergy
      • Traditional
      • Online
      • Bulletin Board
    • In-Depth Interviews – To understand sentiments and opinions, especially on sensitive or proprietary topics
      • In-person
      • Telephone
    • Ethnographic, Intercept and Observation Studies – To learn more about product purchases and use
      • Point of purchase
      • At home
      • At work
    • Customer and Other Advisory Councils – To obtain ongoing feedback on customer experience and new product concepts
      • In-person
      • Telephone
    • Meeting, Facilitation and Team Building – To take research to the next level

We use a variety of techniques to ensure the best outcomes for each qualitative research study.

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Getting the Right Participants
To have qualified, willing and enthusiastic participants for successful and creative sessions, we:

  • Develop a screening interview instrument that includes all necessary and desired demographic, behavioral and attitudinal criteria
  • Incorporate quality control measures to ensure each participant fits qualification criteria
  • Include articulation screening

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Pre-Session Assignments

When appropriate, participants complete a pre-session assignment which helps to:

  • Stimulate respondents’ thinking about relevant experiences and needs
  • Bring a more thoughtful perspective to the discussion
  • Uncover less apparent or unanticipated issues, needs and ideas that might otherwise be missed

Photos of people working for Pre-session Assignments page

Unique Approaches
Techniques to encourage, energize, stimulate, motivate and free respondents to be more expressive and spontaneous at an emotional level:

  • Creative Clarification – Helps participants organize their thoughts
  • Ideation – Explores new product/service concepts
  • Laddering – Reveals the unique link between product attributes and respondents’ emotions, goals and core values
  • Registering a Point of View – Having respondents commit to an independent response to avoid “group think” pitfalls

Images that show unique approaches to qualitative research

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